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Venting the products of combustion from burning fuels to power commercial and industrial processes demands as much attention as the combustion equipment. The chimney lies at the core of any venting solution, and Security Chimneys has led the market with innovative, top-quality products since 1960. If you have a project in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Western Wisconsin that demands the Security Chimneys solution, The Ryan Company can help.

Security Chimneys

Security Chimneys Quality Standard

Setting the Quality Standard for Chimneys

Chimneys may not have the glamour of other products. However, they are vital to any commercial, industrial, or institutional process that burns fuel to produce heat, domestic hot water, steam, or support manufacturing operations. A well-designed chimney vents the products of combustion rapidly, efficiently, and entirely to the outside, protecting the health and safety of employees and contributing to the efficiency of the combustion process.

A top-quality chimney lasts decades, weathering the elements outside and exposure to gases from burning fossil fuels. Security Chimneys recognized the importance of its namesake product’s role and quickly established itself as the innovation and quality leader. Today, you cannot find a better chimney and venting solution than Security Chimneys products.

Committed to Continuous Improvement

As its website states, Security Chimneys is never satisfied with its current achievements: the company continually pushes to improve its products’ quality, reliability, and value. Whether simplifying installation, enhancing quality, or innovating the venting process, the company focuses on continuous improvement in all areas.

Security Chimneys also delivers the finest technical and customer support directly and through the highly qualified network of distributors and installers they carefully choose to install its products. The Ryan Company is proud to be part of this selective network.

Security Chimneys Continuous Improvement
Security Chimneys Products

The Security Chimneys Product Lineup

The Security Chimneys product portfolio includes a comprehensive selection of industrial-strength chimneys designed for use with Category I, II, III, and IV heating boilers, domestic water boilers, and low- to high-temperature hydronic heating applications.

As a testament to its commitment to quality and reliability, the company makes its Category II, III, and IV chimneys from laser-welded 29-4C® type stainless steel. This premium alloy resists high temperatures and corrosion, making it ideal for high-condensation and corrosive-condensate applications.

Commercial Product Series

  • Secure Seal® Series SS, SSD, SSID, AND FLEX (3″-24″ DIA.)
  • Secure Seal® Series (26″-36″ DIA.)
  • Secure Stack CIX/CAX Series
  • Secure Stack Pro Series
  • Prefabricated Grease Duct Series

Listings and Certifications

(Vary by Product Series)

  • UL 103
  • UL 103HT
  • ULC S604
  • ULC C959
  • UL 1738
  • UL 1978
  • UL 2221 – CIX3Z only
  • CAN/ULC S662
  • UL 2561 – except CIX3Z
  • UL 1777 – SCL only
  • CAN/ULC S635
  • ULC-S636

Underwriters Laboratory

The Ryan Company

The Ryan Company — Proudly Serving Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Western Wisconsin Since 1970

Ryan Company represents Security Chimneys in the Upper Midwest. Our dedicated team has worked with engineers and contractors since 1970 to design and install various commercial and industrial heating solutions.

Once installed, our service staff have the training and in-the-field experience to keep your chimney and venting systems doing what they’re designed to do for years to come.

Our dedication to quality and service matches Security Chimneys,’ and together, we deliver efficient, reliable, and safe chimney and venting solutions that meet and exceed your expectations — it’s just that simple.

Insist on the Best Chimneys

When your project demands dependable, efficient, and safe chimney and venting solutions, we can help. Contact the Ryan Company at 952-915-6475 for the best Security Chimneys venting solutions anywhere in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Western Wisconsin.

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