Valuing Education and Continual Learning

Ryan Company sees continual learning about combustion systems and their constituent parts as central to being a customer-first company. That’s why we provide our employees, customers, engineering firms, end-users, technical societies, and others with opportunities to learn about the products we represent in our Upper Midwest territory, including proper application and theory of operation.

Three Ways to Learn

Continuing Education

We encourage and enable our employees to expand their product, application, maintenance, and service knowledge to serve our customers better.

Lunch & Learn

We provide learning opportunities to other groups through our Lunch & Learn events. Read more about these opportunities and how to set them up by clicking the button below.

Local Service School Workshop

Hosting local service schools in our service territory creates learning opportunities, focusing on students working to master combustion system design, application, installation, and maintenance as a career. These are 2-3 day sessions covering a particular product line comprehensively.

Let's Learn How to Get into Hot Water Together

We should talk if your facility “lives” in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, or the Western portion of Wisconsin. We’ll teach you how to get into hot water (or steam) but in a good way. Experience the Ryan Company difference for your facility. Click here to get started, or call us at 952-915-6475.