About Ryan

Most About pages focus on the company whose website you are visiting. We, however, believe it should focus on you, the customer. Sure, it’s nice to know a bit about who you are dealing with and how long they’ve been around, and we’ll cover a bit of our history as we go, but let’s start with the things that matter most to a customer with a commercial, industrial, or institutional combustion and combustion control project.

Who We Carry

We pride ourselves on representing best-in-class manufacturers for combustion projects, including boilers, pumps, stacks, burners, controls, accessories, and parts.

How We Work with You

How we work with our customers boils down to one word: Integrity. We believe in dealing with our customers fairly, honestly, and reliably.

What We Promise

We promise only what we can deliver, and then we do so. Simple.

If problems arise, we address them directly and promptly, allowing both of us to devote our energies to achieving quick and positive solutions.

When We’ll Meet Project Needs

This one’s short and sweet — we’ll deliver what we say we will on time and within budget.

Where We Work

When we opened our doors in 1970, we carried one boiler line with a territory covering most of Minnesota. Today, we represent a much larger number of companies and product categories all across the Upper Midwest.

Why Pick the Ryan Company

We’re a customer-first company that takes pains to understand your project needs thoroughly. With that knowledge, we’ll help you or your engineering team identify, specify, procure, install, and maintain the ideal solution for your combustion and combustion control installation.

Finally, you can rely on us to be with you and provide unexcelled backup, including a complete City Desk, service, parts, technical support, and customer service after the sale.

Whether your commercial, industrial, or institutional project creates area or process heat, hot water, or steam, we have the experience (100+ years within our team), engineering/application skills, product training, and dedication to customer satisfaction that’ll make you glad you entrusted us with it.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Let's Get into Hot Water

We should talk if your project falls within Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota or the Wester portion of Wisconsin. We’ll get you into hot water (or steam), but in a good way. Experience the Ryan Company difference on your next project.