Lockwood Products

Lockwood Products traces its origins back to 1938 and the founding of its parent company, the John L. Underwood Company. Today, Lockwood Products designs, manufactures, sells, and supports an expansive line of equipment primarily for low-pressure steam boilers for heating or process applications in industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities.

Lockwood Products

Lockwood equipment for low-pressure steam boilers

Dedicated to Earning Customer Trust Every Day

The Lockwood Products website states this simple but powerful mission statement, “To earn the trust of our customers every day.” And it continues with the prescription for making this happen:

  • Doing business the Lockwood way, pleasantly, efficiently, effectively and professionally with mutual profitability
  • Creating and delivering products and services that set the standards of quality and value in our markets
  • Cultivating, protecting and investing in our three most valuable assets:
    1. Customer Relationships
    2. Employee Relationships
    3. Vendor Relationships

And we can attest that the company makes every effort to live up to its mission statement.

Experience, Inventory, Technical Assistance, and More

Lockwood Products brings a powerful combination of competencies to the markets they serve:

  • A technical, manufacturing, and support staff with 100+ years of combined experience
  • A 75,000 SF facility housing a vast ready-to-ship inventory
  • Value-added customer service based on an extensive knowledge of steam
  • Able and willing to build custom systems for unusual applications
  • Dedicated to setting the standards for quality and value
Lockwood Steam Boiler Equipment
Lockwood Products Steam Products

Lockwood Products Steam Lineup

Lockwood Products has a solution if your application has anything to do with low-pressure steam. Their product lineup includes:

  • Deaerators
  • Blowdown Separators
  • Boiler Feed Systems – Horizontal and Vertical
  • Condensate Return Systems
  • Horizontal Surge Systems
  • Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Water and DX Coils
  • System Controls
  • And more

The Ryan Company

Proudly Serving Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Western Wisconsin Since 1970

Ryan Company has represents Lockwood Products in the Upper Midwest. Our dedicated team has been working with engineers and contractors since 1970 to design and install a wide range of industrial heating solutions.

Once installed, our service staff have the training and in-the-field experience to keep your low-pressure steam heat or process systems doing what they’re designed to do for years to come.

Our dedication to quality and service matches Lockwood Products, and together, we deliver low pressure solutions reliably and for less than your current system — it’s just that simple.

Don't Wait Until Your Boiler Fails

Don’t wait to upgrade if your boiler is on life support. Contact the Ryan Company now at 952-915-6475 for the best Lockwood Products low-pressure steam boiler heating or process solution anywhere in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Western Wisconsin. We’ll help you get into hot water, but in a good way!

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